Custom Solutions

Custom-engineered solutions to match your business

Tailored Partnership

Uncrewed systems help you capture market share and increase profitability. We provide custom-engineered solutions specifically designed to address your business needs.

  • Targeted autonomous and uncrewed solutions
  • Custom engineering to integrate your payload
  • Long-term support and partnership
  • Lease and finance options available


Turnkey Solutions

Many suppliers of autonomy provide a box and a manual and leave you to figure out how to integrate their product with your boat, payload, and operations. We work with you to engineer and deploy a total solution from start to finish.

  • Concept of operation development
  • Payload-driven solution
  • Drive system integration (engines, rudders, jets, etc.)
  • Auxiliary system integration
  • Operational procedures
  • Training
  • Maintenance and service



Competitive Advantages

Uncrewed and autonomous solutions help to mitigate risks and provide value to your business in an ever-changing market. 

  • Significantly reduce your carbon footprint
  • Augment your workforce with autonomy, picking up where worker shortages may have left off
  • Over-the-horizon capabilities increase workplace flexibility by enabling operators to work remotely
  • Enhance your operational efficiency, reliability, and long-duration operability



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